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These four tracks are free as a thank you for all your support

DOWNLOAD THEM NOW before I change my mind! ;-)

I was recently asked to contribute to an Americana album for my old record label. The theory was, I wrote the songs then an awesome, soulful female vocalist would come along to sing them for the album. We would get a brilliant band together and record an album like Norah Jones!

This meant however, that while I really enjoyed writing the tracks, they aren't quite my usual style, especially seem as I wrote a lot of them from a females' perspective! I fixated on the film Stand By Me and Norah Jone's debut album and came up with these gentle, youthful lullaby-type songs.

Having said all that, I fell in love with the tracks so much that I wanted to record them myself to give away to you wonderful people who support my music.

So here they are. Thank you and enjoy.

Ian x
released 26 July 2013
Huge thanks to...
Paul Tufts for letting us use his studio
Emily Jane Stancer for helping shoot the footage
The privileged few who got to come along and be a part of the audience while we recorded! It wouldn't have been as special without some bodies in the room!


  1. 01 Slow me down
  2. 02 Lead me home
  3. 03 Blue Sky Blue
  4. 04 Railroad